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Carles has experience in both IT and patents. Since the beginning of his career in patents, back in 1994, his work has been focused on the fields of electronics, telecom and computer-related inventions, where he keeps up-to-date with the latest technical and legal developments.

His work includes drafting applications for Europe and the US and dealing with substantive examination, as well as assessing patent validity and risk of infringement. He often acts as technical patent expert before Spanish courts and takes part in customs intervention cases dealing with the infringement of essential patents in audio technologies. In his role of technical expert he has acted on behalf of a number of electronics and telecom multinationals. He has been a partner of ZBM Patents since 2005.

Carles also lectures on patents, especially on subjects related to the patentability of computer-related inventions.

ZBM Patents has a strong team of qualified IP professionals, including qualified European Patent attorneys, an in-house US Patent Attorney as well as Spanish Patent and Trademark Attorneys.

Our 25 patent attorneys are trained and experienced in a wide range of areas such as mechanics, electronics, computer technology, pharmacy, chemistry, and biotechnology. This knowledge and experience, together with the personal attention to our clients, allows us to reach a deep understanding of the technical problems and thus to offer the best advice on patent issues.

ZBM’s commitment to training of both our clients and our staff, is unsurpassed: we are involved in the main academic activities in Spain, such as Magister Lucentinus of the University of Alicante, the Course on Competition Rights, Industrial Property and Copyright of ESADE, and the courses organized by the Patent Center of the University of Barcelona; we also participate in the only preparation course for the European Qualifying Examination in Spain.

Our PATENT services include:

■ Patentability and Freedom-to-Operate searches
We have access to all important (patent) databases and other relevant sources of information and are experienced in patent searches in all fields of technology. We evaluate the validity of patents, as well as the risk of infringement of third party rights by a particular product or activity e.g. prior to the launch of a new product on the market, or in case of a suspected copy by a competitor. We provide reports both for our clients’ information and for use in legal actions.

■ Patentability opinions
In view of the prior art already known by the client or retrieved in a prior art search, we can provide you with an opinion on the patentability of an invention and the scope of protection that can be obtained when filing a patent.

■ Drafting of patent applications
We draft European and PCT applications, both in English and Spanish, as well as Spanish Patent and Utility Model applications. We are also very familiar with US law and the particular requirements for US applications.

■ Patent prosecution
We file and prosecute European, PCT and Spanish applications, as well national phases of PCT applications and of course we also take care of your patent validations in Spain. We prosecute applications worldwide, through our associates in foreign countries. Throughout the proceedings, we provide technical assistance whenever necessary in order to ensure that our clients obtain the best possible protection.

■ Oppositions and appeals
We provide technical and formal assistance to our clients in opposition or appeal proceedings, both before the European Patent Office and the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office. We file notices of opposition and appeal and draft the corresponding grounds and arguments.

ZBM was founded at the end of 2003 with the clear goal of changing the patent landscape in Spain. A decade later, ZBM is proud that it has achieved that goal and is widely considered to set the new standard for patent practice in Spain. Along the way, it has dramatically increased IP awareness in Spain.

The firm has grown considerably in size in a short time and now has 25 patent experts in its team, including European patent attorneys, Spanish patent and trademark attorneys and an in-house US patent attorney. The team of partners has grown from three to eight. The ZBM partner programme ensures both commitment from and retention of highly trained staff.