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After working at the research laboratory of a pharmaceutical company, Mami Hino studied general law at a U.S. law school (J.D.) after acquiring experience in application procedure primarily in the fields of pharmaceuticals, chemistry and biotech as a Japanese patent attorney. After working for 3 years mainly in patent practice as an attorney at a New York law firm that specialized in intellectual property, she returned to Japan and experienced in other intellectual property fields than patent including trademark and unfair competition law at a law firm who is specialized in international matters.

She uses such experience to handle patent litigation at Abe, Ikubo & Katayama. Ms. Hino hopes to be of any assistance to clients with her experience and knowledge of IP law in both Japan and U.S. and her communication ability gained from actual work as an attorney in the U.S., in addition to her knowledge of the fields of pharmaceuticals, chemistry and biotech as a pharmacist.

We have represented our clients in large scale of intellectual property litigation in the fields of patent, trademark and unfair competition and copyright. In the field of patent litigation, we find ourselves dealing more and more with cases that involve advanced technology. We have actually handled cases that request knowledge of chemistry, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, semiconductors, electronics including computer programs and all types of machinery. One of the unique features of the Firm is that we have represented our clients in international parallel patent disputes on the Japanese front. We also have given advice and represented in employee invention cases. We further have represented in the cases in which law enforcement at the border by the Customs is the issue.

To win in intellectual property disputes, we believe that it is important to understand certain trends in decision-making by judges and thinking-patterns of examiners. In the Firm, there are as well as attorneys and patent attorneys who have been dealing with intellectual property litigations over years or who used to work as examiners or appeal examiners for the Patent Office, and personnel who used to be a judicial research official in the field of intellectual property at the Tokyo District Court. With their knowledge and experiences, we are able to foresee possible outcomes of examinations, appeals against examinations and appeals to the court, and take timely and appropriate actions to deal with them. Also, attorneys at law and patent attorneys in the Firm make a best suitable team for each case having considered the subject matter and the size of the dispute.

Besides dispute resolution, we draft licensing and technological development agreement with regard to intellectual property rights including know-how. We also represent our clients in negotiation over contract disputes.

The Patent Prosecution Division represents clients in examination, appeal against examination and appeal to the court as well as makes patent applications in various fields.

Abe, Ikubo & Katayama was founded by the representative senior partner, Shogo Abe under the name of Ginza Law Office in 1959. Since then, the Firm has represented numerous clients in litigations and negotiations, provided legal advices, and earned the full trust of those clients. The matters that the Firm has dealt with are civil matters concerning general corporate advices, litigation & alternative dispute resolution, corporate insolvency (civil rehabilitation & corporate reorganization law), intellectual property, international legal matters, M&A, and finance as well as criminal matters.

In 1991, the name of the Firm was changed to Abe, Ikubo & Katayama Law Firm. In 1997, the arrival of Emeritus Professor of Hitotsubashi University, Morio Takeshita as a special counsel added much more depth to our specialized areas of law. In 2000, we established the Patent Prosecution Division and enhanced our patent application services.

We are now one of the leading law firms in Japan in intellectual property law and corporate related laws with more than 100 staff of attorneys at law, patent attorneys and secretarial and managerial staff. Our clients include a diverse array of businesses such as manufacturers, financial institutions, distributors, construction companies and various enterprises in the service industry, both in Japan and overseas. We regularly provide legal services to over 100 Japanese companies as well as to overseas companies as the retained counsel.

Mami Hino is well known for her cross-border expertise on patent matters, having previously worked as a patent attorney at a US IP boutique firm
Chambers Asia Pacific, 2014