Outsourcing For Better Quality

Outsourcing of work is not a recent phenomenon – it has been around for a while. The practice of outsourcing dates back to early 1700s, wherein manufacturers in Europe, during the industrial revolution, started outsourcing the manufacturing of goods to low cost locations.

While the outsourcing as a phenomenon has been around centuries, the real impetus to outsourcing was provided by the technological advances of the late 20th century. The advent of computers and later […]

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Discussion On Responses To Common Knowledge In Official Actions

Currently, in patent examination, when judging the inventiveness of a claimed invention, examiners often reject the inventiveness of a patent application by determining that “taking into account reference documents and common knowledge can achieve the technical solutions for which claims of the application seek to protect”. However, neither the existing patent law nor related examination guidelines give a clear definition of common knowledge, thus causing disagreement between the applicant, agent, and examiners regarding “whether […]

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India: Steps In Conducting A Patent Search

A patent is an exclusive right conferred on person or legal entity to exclude others from making, using, and selling the patented invention for a limited time period. The patent can be a utility or design patent. Utility patents are granted for new and useful processes, articles, machines and any improvements while design patents are granted for new and ornamental design of manufacture. The utility patent protects the method an article is created and […]

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